Why We Homeschool: Lizbeth’s Story

Homeschooling is a journey, unique to each family. Reasons range from complicated to simple. One family may be able to sum up their reasons in one word, or belief, while for others it’s more abstract reasoning.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to share our journey with you. You can read Candice’s story here and Krista’s here.

We would love to get comments hearing how you started homeschooling, or why you’re considering it.

Sometimes it is difficult for Lizbeth to share the reason they homeschool. Being a Christian is not always easy, and she feared admitting that religion is one of the reasons why she homeschools, might make people look at her and her family weird.

The truth is that I had never thought about homeschooling before being a mom. Being from Puerto Rico, I never knew someone that was homeschooled. It was pretty much unheard of. When I started to hear about it I thought it was a ridiculous thing, that parents wanted to take the education of their children into their own hands without being prepared.

How could they? Who do they think they are? What makes them think they are qualified for such an endeavor?

Yes, that was my way of thinking, until I got called to this.

When Lucas was about 2 years old I started to see information about homeschooling coming to me without me even making an effort to look for it.

This information made me question all I believed before about it. Then I knew, in my heart that I was being called to do this by God.

In my mind, I had one obstacle to overcome to be able to do it, my husband. I was sure he would be against it, but I forgot to acknowledge that if this was God’s plan all along, he had already taken care of my husband, and he had.

This has been a wonderful journey. Not always easy, there have been tears and doubts along the way, but I would not change it for anything. Homeschooling is a blessing. It does not matter if you do it for religious reasons, merely educational reasons or because the system has failed you. It is a beautiful thing to be able to watch your kids grow, be there for each milestone and work hard to create a community for them.

I cannot thank God enough for the path he has chosen for me, I was able to have just one child and homeschooling has provided the opportunity to experience everything: His first time sitting up, his first crawl (have on video), his first steps, his first words, his first drawings, his first writings, learning how to read in 2 languages, each and every milestone we have been there for him, and we hope to be there for many more to come.

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