Tidal Homeschooling

Living here by the river we are all familiar with the tides. This is the perfect example of the way homeschool is in our life. We are eccentric and mix in many methods at different parts of the year. This is a peek at what it looks like for us throughout the year.


It is now the end of September and with all the back to school feels and the shiny new curriculum being delivered on our doorstep it feels right to be at the table doing worksheets and cramming in new information. I would say we are laid back Classical Learners at this point in the school year. I am super organized and love to check off all the boxes as we accomplish all the things. We usually get into a great routine, but this year we have a baby so our routine is centered around her wake up and naptime.


This motivation will last probably until mid-October when the real fall weather breezes in. With the fall of the leaves and the crisp air we will stick less with the paperwork and get more outside and our Charlotte Mason style kicks in. Outdoor free play, horseback riding, shorter lessons, art journaling, and hikes are our priority. Much of our schoolwork is done on the porch or on a blanket in the yard or playground.



The weather cools and we are back inside as winter rolls in. It is time to hunker down and get hygge. We take most of December off and use The Peaceful Preschool’s Christmas Guide. In January our souls are ready for cozy read alouds and school on the couch under the blanket. It is back to a Classical Education. I might dabble in Latin, buy new notebooks for them to write grammar and spelling rules in, concentrate on poem and timeline memorization.


After being cooped up for several month the girls are ready to get outside and we switch to Unschooling. We are all tired of our workbooks and curriculum at this point and need all the vitamin D we can get. We get back out with the horses more and in the woods again. I try to wrangle them up for math and reading but most of our other subjects get put on the wayside.


One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to make school work for our family. This is the way our life has been flowing the past couple of years and I can’t wait to see what future years hold.


The Well-Read One

Candice always has a smile and tons of positive energy. She’s often found with a camera, getting the best pictures, and is rarely without a book. If we ever need a great book recommendation, she’s who we ask. Candice has a great, laid back energy that everyone loves. She is the mom of 2 horses, 3 dogs, and 4 wonderful girls

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