It’s officially holiday season! For the holidays we slow down our schoolwork and concentrate on crafts, homemaking, reading, and games. Have you every heard of gameschooling? It’s a term coined by Cait over at My Little Poppies and we love it. So much can be learned while having fun! Over the past couple of years the games coming out have been on fire with educational content. There is a game for every subject you can think of.

What we do is instead of pulling out our math curriculum I will let the girls play sum swamp and sushi go. BAM! Math is done and without the usual moans and groans. It’s great for those days that aren’t going so well and everyone needs a break.

I’ll share some of our favorites and some I have my eye on for future presents.

Our Favorite Games

  1. Catan Jr. | Strategy
  2. The Fairy Game | Colors and Cooperation
  3. Sushi Go | Addition and Subtraction and Probability
  4. Alphabet Bingo | Letter and Letter Sound Recognition
  1. Flashlights and Fireflies | Great any age game
  2. Sum Swamp | Early Math Skills (Addition and Subtraction)
  3. Scrambled States | Geography
  4. Chess | Strategy, Problem Solving, and so much more

Games On My Radar

  1. Banagrams | Spelling and Vocabulary
  2. Brainbox: World History | History Trivia
  3. Match A Pair of Birds | Memory and Nature Study
  4. Sleeping Queens | Strategy and Quick Thinking
  1. Dixit | Storytelling
  2. Ticket To Ride | Geography
  3. Prime Club | Strategy, Mathematics (Multiplication and Division)
  4. Totally Gross | Science
  1. Potato Pirates | Coding
  2. Professor Noggin | Trivia cards for every subject
  3. eeboo Create and Tell Story Cards | Language Arts and Storytelling
  4. Roller Coaster Challenge | STEM

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