About us

We are a village. We are a crazy family. We are homeschoolers. We are Moms. We don’t have the same religious beliefs, backgrounds, or homeschool style. We all care about our kids and are passionate about educating them. Above all, we have become a source of support and laughter for each other and we hope that we can share that with our wider community.

We started Rivah Homeschool Group in 2017, in the hopes of forming a homeschool co op that would give our kids, and us, some much needed time with others. When we started our little group, there wasn’t much for homeschoolers in our area of rural Virginia. Little by little we are working towards creating more opportunities for families who homeschool to come together and share enriching and enjoyable experiences.

Without further ado….


The Well-Read One

Candice always has a smile and tons of positive energy. She’s often found with a camera, getting the best pictures, and is rarely without a book. If we ever need a great book recommendation, she’s who we ask. Candice has a great, laid back energy that everyone loves. She is the mom of 2 horses, 3 dogs, and 4 wonderful girls.


The Altruistic One

We can’t lie, Lizbeth is our go to when we need a sweet fix. She’s our resident chef, and she makes delicious desserts, but we worry about her love of zombies. She is incredibly generous and kind hearted. Lizbeth is also bilingual, with Spanish as her first language. She is mom to a super smart little boy, who probably knows more about Mario Bros. than you do. She also has a goofy cat.


The Organized One

She always has her calendar and a notebook, thank goodness, because we’d often be lost without her amazing organizing skills. Krista is the goddess behind all of our forms and printed material as well. When she’s not keeping us straight, we’re falling over laughing at her latest story or impersonation. Krista is mom to a witty little boy who keeps her on her toes, along with step mom to two teenagers. She also has two weird cats.


The Resourceful One

Darlene is usually busy doing something. If she’s not renovating her house, she’s teaching dance, taking karate, or some crazy project idea has taken hold. Darlene is quick to jump in and help, but is just as likely to be studiously working as she is to be cracking jokes. Darlene is mom to a bunch of chickens, a really hyper dog, a cat that is usually confused, and three talented kids (2 boys and a girl) who give endless material for humorous stories.

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